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Day Two - Sunday, June14th

- Finale Show "Sound of Korea"

  Korean Drumming THUNDER

    by Cheondoong Performing Arts Society from Vancouver

    7:00-8:30 PM 

    at Laurel Packinghouse

        (1304  Ellis St., Kelowna)


    * Guest Performance: OKCK Fan Dancers


     Ticket - $15 / $10 for children aged 12 and under

     Buy tickets online at or 

                         offline at any of our local sponsors' stores or restaurants:

- Downtown

- Mission/Pandosy

- Near Orchard Mall

- In UBC Okanagan


In UBC Okanagan:
Near Orchard Mall:
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Anchor 2
Anchor 3
Anchor 4

Soban Korean Bistro

(530 Bernard Ave. Kelowna)

SS Korean Restaurant

(280 Bernard Ave. Kelowna)

Gueng Korean Restaurant

(467 Leon Ave. Kelowna)

Sushi Yama Kitchen

(991 Richter St. Kelowna)

Nagano Sushi

(1298 Ellis St. Kelowna)

People's Bistro

(1282 Ellis St. Kelowna)

Joon's Kitchen

(3018 Tutt St. Kelowna)

Momo Sushi Mission

(3013 Pandosy St. Kelowna)

National Computer Resource

(1980 Cooper Rd. Kelowna)

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