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The members of OKCK consist of volunteers, business sponsors and donors.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us or find us at any of our events. 

함께 해요!

Get Involved!

Currently all our functions and activities are run by volunteers. Let's do it together! 

Check out current volunteer opportunities with us

Throughout each year, over 3,000 residents in Kelowna and the area attend one of the events we participate in such as Taste of Home, Asian Heritage Month, Canada Day Folkfest, Moon Festival, etc.  In addition, we are planning to host another year of the Korean Drumming show and the first Korean Festival in Kelowna in June 2015, aiming for 400 event attendees per each. 


If your business is interested in partnering with us, having the same vision and passions and/or target audience as OKCK, please contact us at for details. 

You are passionate about what we do but don't have the time to get involved?  You can also support what we do through financial contributions. We appreciate the time when you work hard to earn the money.   


 ** Please note that we are unable to issue a tax receipt for your tax credit claim with Canada Revenue Agency at this moment as we have not yet applied for a charitable status.  If you operate a business, you may consider becoming a business sponsor so that you can include the sponsorship cost in your business expense. 




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